The 2019 League of Legends Worlds begins this October, and excitement around the tournament is already starting to build.

The competition between NA and EU is fierce this year, particularly among the first seeds in both reasons, NA’s Team Liquid and EU’s G2 Esports. No European team has won a LOL World Championship in eight years, since the Season One Championship was won by Fnatic in 2011. G2 Esports are hoping to change that.

All this hype and intense rivalry mean that the trash talking has already begun. Trash talking opponents has always been a part of competitive LOL. It’s a way both to increase excitement around the tournament, and helps to psyche out your opponent and maybe win the psychological battle before the games have even begun. 

The groups for group stages were announced last week, giving players and teams the opportunity to boast:

G2 Esports are certainly showing some confidence coming into the competition, posting this meme in response to placing top in their group:

Here’s G2’s Perkz throwing some barely disguised shade at Invictus Gaming for unexpectedly dropping head coach Karam right before Worlds is about to begin:

Team Liquid are looking forward to a rematch of their MSI semi-final match against Invictus Gaming:

Despite their bravado when talking to teams they’ve beaten, they are also relieved that it will be Cloud9, another NA team, facing some of the top teams in their group stage instead of them:

But it’s not all shade and sarcasm, sometimes it’s nice to see a team remind us that it’s just a game, and this is all done in the spirit of friendly competition:

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