The final match of the Overwatch League 2019 season took place last weekend. Two teams that have dominated the season, the San Francisco Shock and the Vancouver Titans, had made it through to the final. In the end it was the Shock that were victorious, dealing the Titans a brutal 4-0 defeat and taking their place as the 2019 champions. 

Here are a few surprises from that epic showdown. 

The Score

Seeing the Vancouver Titans be defeated so convincingly was a real shock (pun fully intended). It was only their second 0-4 loss in the entire season, the first being in Stage 4 at the hands of the Washington Justice while the new meta was still being figured out. Every other time the Titans and Shock have fought the Titans have never failed to take at least two maps off of the Shock… Until now. 

That Composition

Looking at the current meta, there must have been one question above any other on the minds of the teams as they prepared for this final. 

How on earth do we deal with Doomfist?

One way to possibly counter him is to add another hero with a stun ability to your team. In the first game the Titans tried this, using the shield bearing support hero Brigitte. In theory she would be a great counter to heroes like Doomfist. There’s only one problem…

The Titans needed to swap out one of their standard heroes for Brigitte, and they chose to go without Moira, perhaps during practice Twilight was a better Brig. However without Moira the Titans were missing a huge chunk of their healing, and were rolled over by the Shock easily in the first few fights on Lijiang Tower before the Titans had to switch.

A composition you’d be mad at your Plat ranked team for using

There’s not telling how much this opening loss affect Vancouver psychologically, but it was certainly a factor, and their unfortunate attempt to try and outplay the Shock’s Doomfist made losing the entire match a lot more likely. 

The Acrobatics

One of the secrets to the Shock’s success was their use of Bastion based compositions, a tactic that the Titans had struggled against in their playoff matches. This gave their Bastion player Architect an opportunity to shine. His ability to reach areas of the map usually considered inaccessible for the hero was inspirational to watch. 

Here he is rocket jumping his way up to the chandelier at the end of  Eichenwald:

Here Architect uses the same tacticdefensively, holding fort on Gibraltar point C, after being lifted up to this high ground by Mei’s ice wall. 

Making these kind of high risk high reward plays in a game as important as the finals of the entire season really shows the confidence the team has in their players to perform in the moment. They gave them the chance, and the results speak for themselves. 

By Alex

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