Everyone is talking about Minecraft again. The exploration and building game is over 10 years old now, with Fortnite largely replacing Minecraft as the “game everyone is playing.” At least that’s what people thought. Due to a recent resurgence Minecraft seems to be more popular now than it has ever been. What could be going on?

One explanation may be that the game has been quietly growing in popularity despite not being talked about as much. Minecraft’s head of studio Helen Chiang revealed to Business Insider this month that the game now has 112 million monthly players, 20 million of which started playing the game in the last year, a growth rate of nearly 20% per year.

The game is also regularly updated with new content, despite being more than a decade old. The latest update, the Village and Pillage updated, added new creatures, villager NPC types, as well as new blocks and environment types. New content helps to keep the experience fresh and engaging for both new and old players.

As well as the steady growth in the player base, a few recent events have helped bring Minecraft back into the spotlight.

Firstly Pewdiepie, the most subscribed to gaming Youtuber on the platform, started a playthrough of vanilla minecraft on his channel, the first video of gaining over 32 million views. Felix is such a giant on Youtube and in online gaming culture in general that this one series likely had a huge impact on Minecraft’s popularity.

The other recent event in that has gotten people interested in Minecraft is Minecraft Mondays. Created by Youtuber Keemstar and featuring popular Youtube and Twitch personalities such as OG Minecraft youtuber CaptainSparklez, Makeup youtuber James Charles, Former Overwatch League player xQc and Ninja, the biggest streamer on Twitch until he left to stream on mixer. The players compete in custom Minecraft games live on Twitch. The competitive elements helps to add to the excitement, and each player brings some of their own fanbase with them as viewers.

Minecraft is massive right now, and all of this recent buzz will lead to new players and a lot more Minecraft content for us to enjoy. That means if you’ve never played before, or remember having fun playing years ago, now is a great time to get back into Minecraft.

By Alex

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