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If you have not already or do not know where to start, you have found the right article to begin your journey in the esports scene. The biggest problem that accorded while in the esports scene was finding a trustworthy Esports Tournament website. With the knowledge I know, here are my recommendations for sites that host trustworthy Esports tournaments.

My First Recommendation|

Esports Arena

My number one recommendation towards Esports sites would be Esports Arena takes pride in its ability to be radically responsive to every gaming community. Esports Arena helps facilitate community-driven and crowdfunded events that spotlight every community that is willing – not just triple-A titles.

Esports Arena holds its tittle to taking pride in every gaming community event. I am biased towards this opinion because I used to work here. Before the COVID 19 shutdown, Esports Arena hosted all week events. Games were ranging from League of Legends, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Fortnite. Now they only host online tournaments, which are Valorant on Monday, Apex on Wednesday, and Halo 5 on Sunday.

Here is the link where you can find their schedule events

My Second Recommendation


GameBattles is my second suggestion when it comes to Esports tournaments. I have never used game battles, but a lot of my friends have used it in the past. What I do know is that its primary game is Call of Duty Modern Warefare. They are also associated with Blizzard Entertainment since game battles used to be MLG. In 2016 Blizzard Entertainment bought out MLG and decided to do a makeover and change it into GameBattles. GameBattles is a highly trusted site with reliable payouts and competition.

Why you should try out these websites.

Both of these websites will not bring you into the pro scene. Still, they can help you get started with tournament experience and anxiety, which are both vital while getting started in professional gaming. My biggest weakness while playing super Smash Bros during college was that I would be very shacky during my tournament matches. I would throw my games because of how anxious I was during the events.

For my last location to check where online tournaments are going on in the website and forums of the competitive game you are playing. For example, Fortnite always shows their upcoming matches on the menu screen of their battle royale. The positive side of this is that we can trust EpicGames because it is through their client.

Helpful Tips Around Esports Sites

Be careful when signing up for a shady website. The last thing you want to give is a website for your information and money. Just for you, to receive nothing back in return. If you do stumble upon a shady site, do some research on platforms like Youtube or Reddit. By doing this, it would give you some clarity on the website.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed my article. I will try getting a well-research report out every single Sunday. This is a solo project of mine, and I hope you bookmark this website to help you find your online Esports news.

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