The open beta of the hotly anticipated latest, and possibly last, installment in the Call of Duty franchise has begun. The full game will release October 25th but eager players have the chance to try out the game now.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare may have almost the exact same name as the original Modern Warfare released in 2007, but this is a whole new game. Activision may be hoping that by remaking one of the most popular games in the entire franchise, this new title will be able to capture some of the same success.

The beta features classic COD game modes that will be familiar to fans of the series. Team Deathmatch, Domination, Headquarters and 2v2 Gunfight are all included. Players will also get to try the new game mode Cyber Attack, which is a variant of Search and Destroy.

There will also be two ways to alter existing games, Night Mode and Realism Mode. Some maps are able to be played in near total darkness in Night Mode, where players will need to make use of Night Vision Goggles to see and to navigate the maps. Realism mode (an updated form of Hardcore mode from previous games) will remove all HUD elements including the aiming reticule, and increase bullet damage to create a more challenging and realistic experience.

The open beta has only recently begun, but the closed beta has been running since the 12th September and streamers and professional players are already starting to give their opinions on the game. 2014 and 2015 COD world champion ACHES seems very positive about the game, sharing his thoughts in a Twitter thread where he also recommends some minor improvements to the game.

Dr DisRespect, one of Twitch’s biggest personalities, is enjoying the game enough to consider playing and streaming the game. He is better known as a battle royale streamer, so it is surprising and encouraging that this is game he would want to play. Although there are rumours that the game will feature a battle royale mode too.

The beta is live during September, but when you can access it depends on which platform you are playing on and whether you have preordered the game.  PS4 players get the best deal, they have access to an exclusive beta period on the 14th 16th, and can play for the rest of the beta without preordering. Players that have preordered on PC and Xbox One can play from the 19th to the 23rd. All other PC players and Xbox Live Gold members have beta access from the 21st to the 23rd.

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